1. New to Fitness? Read this!

    It's easy to see why many people feel self-conscious in new exercise settings. Everyone else seems to know what they are doing… Never fear! Almost everyone feels this way when they are in an unfamiliar setting. But before long you will feel right at home. In the meantime, there are many ways to reduce your feelings of self-consciousness so that your exercise experience will be more enjoyable and…Read More

  2. Get in Shape with FITSPACE in 2017!

    If you’re someone who makes New Year’s Resolutions each year, only to find yourself giving them up once January ends, make this year different. Getting in shape is often at the top of the list, and if you’ve tried different gyms or workouts but not the results you wanted, then FITSPACE Studios are here to help. At our boutique Fitness studios, you can experience an unlimate incline bodyweig…Read More

  3. What Are Your Fitness Goals?

    Now that May is here, it’s a good time to look back at your fitness goals to see what progress you’ve made on them so far this year. Perhaps you set some specific goals as New Year’s Resolutions, and now that a third of the year is over, you can see if you’ve followed through or you still have room for improvement. At Gravity Gym in Aventura, we want to help every person achieve their fitn…Read More

  4. Successful Weight Control

    Most attempts to lose weight end in frustration, disappointment, self-condemnation and even weight gain. This is because people usually try to lose weight in ways that create the very stress and food cravings that ultimately defeat their weight-loss strategies. Successful weight control programs work with, rather than against, your body. Beware of restrictive diets Food restriction may  affect t…Read More

  5. How to Motivate Kids and Teens in Sports

    About the Author Jon D’Alessio has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 1995 and a GRAVITY Master Trainer since 2005. With his wife Brandie, together they own their own a private training studio, Fitness Republic, in Vero Beach, FL. Through a tailored approach of regular fitness activities, guided fitness programs and education, Jon helps his clients accomplish anything, no matter how big or …Read More